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Wagamama Menu Prices UK [2024 June]

Welcome to Wagamama Menu, the Japanese-inspired restaurant that has been serving up fresh and delicious dishes since 1992. With a passion for food and a dedication to providing a unique dining experience, Wagamama has become a popular destination for those looking for tasty, healthy and nourishing meals that are full of flavour.

This is most trustworthy and regularly updated website for Wagamama Menu with prices as of 1st, July 2024 along with calories.

At Wagamama, Their menu is inspired by the traditional Japanese ramen bars and our dishes are designed to be enjoyed together, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a steaming bowl of ramen noodles, a fresh and vibrant salad or a hearty rice dish, Their menu offers something for everyone.

Their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and the finest flavours means that our dishes are bursting with authentic Asian flavours and textures. And with a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, we cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences.

So whether you’re stopping by for a quick lunch or settling in for a leisurely dinner, They invite you to experience the joy of Japanese-inspired cuisine at Wagamama.

Wagamama Menu Prices UK

Big Plates  

Menu Price In £ Calories
Chicken Katsu Curry £13.0 998 kcal
Tofu Raisukaree Curry (vg) £12.5 1,168 kcal
Tofu Firecracker Curry (vg) £12.5 1,200 kcal
Hot! Yasai Katsu Curry |sweet potato, aubergine + butternut squash (vg) £12.3 1,165 kcal
Yasai Katsu Curry (vg) £12.0 1,074 kcal
Vegatsu (vg) £12.5 1,191 kcal
Hot! Chicken katsu curry £13.3 1,089 kcal
Hot! Vegatsu (vg) £12.8 1,282 kcal
Chicken Raisukaree Curry £13.5 1,123 kcal
Prawn Raisukaree Curry £14.5 1,035 kcal
Chicken Firecracker Curry £13.5 1,178 kcal
Prawn Firecracker Curry £14.5 1,059 kcal

Ramen Curry

Hearty noodles in a steaming broth, topped with protein + fresh vegetables

Menu Price In £ Calories
Chicken Gyoza Ramen £14.5 698 Kcal
Yasai | Vegetable Gyoza Ramen (vg) £13.0 609 Kcal
Grilled Chicken Ramen £ 12.0 498 Kcal
Pork Belly Shirodashi Ramen £14.0 878 Kcal
Chicken Chilli Ramen £13.0 606 Kcal
Tantanmen Beef Brisket Ramen £14.5 690 Kcal
Kare Burosu Ramen (vg) £13.0 589 Kcal
Steak Chilli Ramen £15.0 681 Kcal


Noodles sizzling from the grill. turned quickly so the noodles are soft and the vegetables stay crunchy

Menu Price In £ Calories
Chicken + Prawn Pad Thai £13.0 789 Kcal
Yasai Pad thai | Tofu (v) £11.5 836 Kcal
Yaki Soba Chicken + Prawn £12.0 819 Kcal
Salmon Teriyaki Soba £15.2 905 Kcal
Yasai Yaki Soba | Mushroom (v) £10.0 777 Kcal
Yaki Udon £13.2 628 Kcal
Yasai Yaki Soba | Mushroom (vg) £10.0 560 Kcal
Steak Teriyaki Soba £16.2 890 Kcal
Ginger Chicken Udon £13.2 678 Kcal
Yasai Yaki Soba | Mushroom (vg) £10.0 581 Kcal
Yasai Pad Thai (vg) £11.5 773 Kcal


A soul warming bowl of steaming rice, packed with protein + crunchy vegetables

Menu Price In £ Calories
No Duck Donburi £13.5 503 Kcal
Chicken Teriyaki Donburi £13.0 738 Kcal
Beef Teriyaki Donburi £14.0 842 Kcal
Cha Han Chicken + Prawn £12.0 808 Kcal
Cha Han Yasai (vg) £10.0 719 Kcal

Kokoro Bowls

Menu Price In £ Calories
Chicken Katsu Salad £12.0 578 Kcal
Spicy Miso Mackerel £15.5 843 Kcal
Shu’s Shiok Chicken £12.5 570 Kcal
Tempeh Katsu Salad £11.0 624 Kcal


Menu Price In £ Calories
Chilli Squid £8.0 586 Kcal
Vegan Sticky ‘Ribs’ (vg) £7.2 306 Kcal
Chicken Yakitori £7.8 283 Kcal
Salmon Gyoza £7.1 167 Kcal
Spicy Teriyaki Vegan ‘Chicken’ Buns (vg) £7.0 363 Kcal
Ebi Katsu £7.7 305 Kcal
Korean BBQ Beef Buns £7.1 255 Kcal
Bang Bang Cauliflower (vg) £5.8 471 kcal
Wok-Fried Greens (vg) £4.9 177 Kcal
Edamame With Salt (vg) £4.7 246 Kcal
Edamame With Chilli And Garlic Salt (vg) £4.7 253 Kcal
Yasai Gyoza (vg) £6.8 207 Kcal
Chicken Gyoza £7.0 207 Kcal
Pulled Pork Gyoza £7.0 207 Kcal
Duck Gyoza £7.1 324 Kcal
Tama Squid £7.9 334 Kcal
Mixed Mushrooms (vg) £6.8 336 Kcal


Menu Price In £ Calories
White Chocolate + Ginger Cheesecake (v) £7.0 449kcal

Wagamama Drinks Menu

Refreshing Juices

Menu Price In £ Calories
Orange (regular) (v) £4.3 110 Kcal
Orange (large) (v) £5.5 165 Kcal
Tropical (reg) (v) £4.3 152 Kcal
Tropical (large) (v) £5.5 198 Kcal
Positive (reg) (vg) £4.3 203 Kcal
Positive (large) (vg) £5.5 299 Kcal
Power (reg) (vg) £4.3 139 Kcal
Power (large) (vg) £5.5 188 Kcal

Soft Drinks

Menu Price In £ Calories
Still Water £2 0 Kcal
Sparkling Water £2 0 Kcal
Coke (vg) £2.1 139 Kcal
Diet Coke (vg) £2 1 Kcal
Sprite Zero (vg) £2 3 Kcal
Peach Iced Tea (reg) (vg) £3.3 98 Kcal
Peach Iced Tea (large) (vg) £3.7 133 Kcal
Cloudy Lemonade (reg) (vg) £3.3 85 Kcal
Cloudy Lemonade (large) (vg) £3.7 127 Kcal


Beer Price In £ Size
Lucky Buddha (vg) £5.5 330ml
Days (vg) £4.9 330ml
North Brewing Atlantis Pale Ale (vg) £5.7 440ml
North Brewing Transmission Ipa (vg) £6.7 440ml
Hawkes East By Southeast Cider (vg) £6.0 330ml
Asahi – Regular £4.7 330ml


Menu Price In £ Calories
Nice Rose Wine (vg) £6.3 250ml
Nice Sauvignon Blanc Wine (vg) £6.3 250ml

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Menu Price In £ Calories
Amai Sauce (vg) £1.0 127 Kcal
Extra Hot Katsu Sauce (vg) £1.0 308 Kcal
Firecracker Curry Sauce (vg) £1.0 217 Kcal
Raisukaree Sauce (vg) £1.0 309 Kcal
Chilli Sambal Paste (vg) £1.0 64 Kcal
Steamed Rice (vg) £2.0 480 Kcal
Katsu Curry Sauce (vg) £1.0 218 Kcal
Sticky Rice (vg) £2.0 453 Kcal
Brown Rice (vg) £2.0 444 Kcal
Noodles (v) £2.0 398 Kcal
Miso Soup + Japanese Pickles (vg) £2.0 37 Kcal
Chillies £1.0 2 Kcal
Japanese Pickles (vg) £1.0 5 Kcal
Tea-Stained Egg £1.2 69 Kcal
Kimchee (vg) £1.0 15 Kcal
Vegan ‘Egg’ (vg) £1.5 50 Kcal

About Wagamama

Wagamama Menu

Wagamama is a popular Japanese-inspired restaurant chain with locations across the UK and around the world. The company was founded in 1992 in London by restaurateur Alan Yau, with the aim of bringing the casual and communal dining experience of Japanese ramen bars to a wider audience.

Wagamama’s menu features a range of dishes influenced by Japanese cuisine, including noodle dishes, rice bowls, salads, and sides. Some of their most popular menu items include the chicken katsu curry, yaki soba noodles, and pad Thai.

One of the hallmarks of Wagamama’s dining experience is their communal seating arrangements, which are designed to encourage social interaction and a sense of community. The restaurant’s long communal tables are meant to be shared by groups of diners, and the restaurant’s open kitchen design allows customers to watch their food being prepared.

In addition to its food and dining experience, Wagamama is also known for its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. The company has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including reducing food waste, sourcing sustainable ingredients, and using biodegradable packaging.

Wagamama has also been recognized for its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the company and the wider community. The company has partnered with various organizations and initiatives aimed at promoting equality and supporting underrepresented groups, including the Albert Kennedy Trust and Stonewall UK.

Despite its growth and expansion, Wagamama remains committed to its original vision of providing a unique and communal dining experience inspired by Japanese cuisine. The company’s commitment to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion has also become increasingly important as the restaurant industry faces new challenges and expectations from customers.

Wagamama Menu UK

Overall, Wagamama has become a beloved and iconic restaurant chain in the UK and beyond, known for its delicious food, communal dining experience, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

One unique aspect of Wagamama restaurants in the UK is their community dining tables. Instead of individual tables, many Wagamama locations feature long communal tables where strangers can sit together and enjoy their meals. This concept encourages social interaction and reflects the communal dining culture often seen in traditional Asian eateries. It’s a great way to foster a sense of connection among diners and adds to the lively atmosphere of Wagamama restaurants.

FAQ About Wagamama Menu

Wagamama is a popular Japanese restaurant chain that serves noodle dishes, rice dishes, and other Asian-inspired fare. However, Wagamama is not a halal restaurant. This means that some of their dishes may contain ingredients that are not considered halal by Muslims, such as alcohol or pork.

In addition, some of Wagamama’s dishes are prepared using shared cooking equipment, which means that there is a risk of cross-contamination with non-halal ingredients. This is a concern for Muslims, as they are not allowed to eat food that has been prepared in this way.

As a result, it is not recommended for Muslims to eat at Wagamama. There are many other halal restaurants available, so there is no need to take the risk of eating at a restaurant that is not certified halal.

If you are a Muslim and you are looking for a place to eat, there are a few things you can do to make sure that the food you eat is halal. First, you can look for restaurants that are certified halal by a reputable organization. Second, you can ask the restaurant staff about their ingredients and preparation methods. Finally, you can read the menu carefully and avoid dishes that contain ingredients that are not considered halal.

By following these tips, you can be sure that you are eating halal food when you eat out.

Wagamama is a British restaurant chain that serves Japanese-inspired cuisine. Although the dishes on the menu are inspired by Japanese cuisine, Wagamama was founded in London in 1992 by a British businessman named Alan Yau, and the company is headquartered in London. So while the food draws heavily from Japanese cuisine, Wagamama is a British restaurant chain.

Yes, you can book a table at Wagamama in most locations. You can usually do this online through their website or by calling the restaurant directly. However, some restaurants operate on a walk-in basis only and do not take reservations, so it’s best to check with the specific restaurant you plan to visit to confirm their booking policy.

Wagamama is a restaurant chain that serves Japanese-inspired cuisine. The dishes on their menu draw inspiration from Japanese flavors and cooking techniques, as well as other Asian cuisines. Some of their most popular dishes include ramen noodle soups, stir-fried dishes, donburi rice bowls, and gyoza dumplings, among others. While their dishes are not traditional Japanese cuisine, they do incorporate many of the flavors and ingredients found in Japanese cooking.

Wagamama is a restaurant chain that specializes in Japanese-inspired cuisine. Their menu offers a range of dishes that draw inspiration from Japanese flavors and cooking techniques, as well as other Asian cuisines. Some popular dishes at Wagamama include:

1.Ramen noodle soups, which typically include broth, noodles, meat or vegetables, and various toppings and garnishes.

2.Donburi rice bowls, which feature a bed of rice topped with meat or vegetables and other accompaniments, such as egg, pickles, or sauces.

3.Stir-fried dishes, which typically include noodles or rice stir-fried with meat, vegetables, and other flavorings and seasonings.

4.Gyoza dumplings, which are typically filled with meat or vegetables and served steamed or fried.

Wagamama also offers a range of appetizers, sides, salads, and desserts, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. Their menu varies by location and may include seasonal specials or regional variations. Check above menu for full details.

Yes, you can usually book a table at Wagamama in most locations. You can book a table by visiting their website, where you can select the location you want to visit, and then choose the date and time you want to dine. Alternatively, you can call the restaurant directly to make a reservation. However, it’s worth noting that some Wagamama locations may operate on a walk-in basis only and do not accept reservations, so it’s best to check with the specific restaurant you plan to visit to confirm their booking policy.

Wagamama offers a variety of dishes that can be healthy, as well as some that are less healthy. Some of their dishes are high in fat, sugar, and salt, while others are low in calories and contain nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

Wagamama does provide nutritional information for their menu items on their website, which can help diners make informed choices. They also offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options, which can be a healthy choice for those looking to reduce their meat consumption.

In general, dishes at Wagamama that are high in vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains can be a healthy choice. However, dishes that are deep-fried, high in sugar or salt, or contain large portions of white rice or noodles may be less healthy. As with any restaurant, it’s a good idea to choose dishes in moderation and balance them with other healthy foods and exercise.

The closing time for Wagamama restaurants varies by location and day of the week. In general, Wagamama restaurants close in the late evening, usually between 9 pm and 11 pm, depending on the location. Some locations may close earlier on Sundays or public holidays.

To find out the exact closing time for the Wagamama restaurant you plan to visit, you can check their website or call the restaurant directly.

Wagamama restaurants in the UK currently accept both cash and card payments.

Yes, Wagamama offers delivery services through various delivery partners such as Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats. You can place an order for delivery by downloading the relevant delivery partner’s app, selecting the Wagamama menu items you want to order, and then following the instructions to place your order.

Wagamama also offers their own delivery service, called “Wagamama Delivery”, which can be accessed through their website or app. However, this service may not be available in all locations.

It’s worth noting that delivery options, fees, and delivery areas may vary depending on the delivery partner or restaurant location.

There were over 164 Wagamama restaurants in the UK, located in various cities and towns across the country. However, the number of restaurants may have changed since then, as new locations may have opened or some may have closed.

Yes, Wagamama offers a 20% discount to all NHS staff in the UK. To claim the discount, NHS workers must show a valid NHS ID or Blue Light Card at the time of ordering. The discount is valid on all food and drink, including takeaway orders, and is available at all Wagamama locations across the UK.

Yes, Wagamama offers a children’s menu called “Mini Ninja Meals” for children aged 12 and under. The menu features a selection of child-friendly dishes that are smaller in portion size and designed to appeal to younger palates. Some examples of dishes on the Mini Ninja Meals menu include mini chicken ramen, mini yaki soba, mini chicken katsu, and mini grilled fish noodles. Wagamama also provides coloring sheets and crayons for children to use while dining, as well as high chairs and baby changing facilities for families with young children.

Wagamama’s most popular dish in the UK is the Chicken Katsu Curry. It is a dish of breaded and deep-fried chicken cutlet in a curry sauce. The curry sauce is made with a variety of vegetables, spices, and herbs, and is typically served with rice. The Chicken Katsu Curry is a popular dish because it is flavorful, filling, and relatively affordable. It is also a good option for people who are looking for a vegetarian or vegan dish, as the chicken can be easily substituted for tofu or vegetables.

Here are the other top 5 most popular dishes at Wagamama in the UK:

  1. Chicken Katsu Curry
  2. Chicken Ramen
  3. Spicy Chicken Don
  4. Udon Noodle Soup
  5. Pad Thai

Wagamama is a popular chain of Japanese restaurants in the UK. It was founded in London in 1992 and now has over 100 restaurants in the UK. Wagamama is known for its fresh, healthy, and affordable Japanese food.

Most famous dishes at Wagamama in the UK:

  • Chicken Katsu Curry
  • Chicken Ramen
  • Spicy Chicken Don
  • Udon Noodle Soup
  • Pad Thai

Yes, Wagamama is a good option for vegetarians. They have a wide variety of vegetarian dishes on their menu, including:

  • Edamame beans
  • Vegetable gyoza
  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Vegetable tempura
  • Vegetable udon noodles
  • Vegetable ramen
  • Vegetable curry
  • Vegetable stir-fry

They also have a number of dishes that can be made vegetarian by substituting tofu or vegetables for the meat. For example, the Chicken Katsu Curry can be made with tofu or vegetables instead of chicken.

The staff at Wagamama are also very knowledgeable about vegetarian options and are happy to help you choose the perfect dish.

Wagamama can be a healthy option if you make the right choices. Many of their dishes are made with fresh, healthy ingredients, such as vegetables, tofu, and lean protein. However, some of their dishes are also high in calories, fat, and sodium.

Here are some tips for ordering a healthy meal at Wagamama:

  • Choose a main dish that is made with vegetables or tofu.
  • Avoid dishes that are deep-fried or heavily sauced.
  • Ask for your dish to be made with brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Choose a side salad or vegetable instead of french fries or chips.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol and sugary drinks.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal at Wagamama.

Here are some of the healthiest dishes on the Wagamama menu:

  • Edamame (steamed soybeans)
  • Vegetable gyoza (dumplings)
  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Vegetable tempura
  • Vegetable udon noodles
  • Vegetable ramen
  • Vegetable curry
  • Vegetable stir-fry

These dishes are all low in calories, fat, and sodium, and they are packed with nutrients. They are also a good source of fiber, which can help you feel full and satisfied.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious meal, Wagamama is a great option. By following the tips above, you can enjoy a meal that is good for your body and your taste buds.

Wagamama is a unique restaurant chain in a few ways. First, their food is inspired by Japanese cuisine, but it is also adapted to Western tastes. This makes it a great option for people who are looking for something different from the typical Chinese or Japanese restaurant.

Second, Wagamama is known for its fresh, healthy ingredients. All of their food is made to order, and they use only the freshest ingredients available. This means that you can be sure that your food is not only delicious, but it is also good for you.

Finally, Wagamama has a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurants are designed to be inviting and comfortable, and the staff is always friendly and welcoming. This makes it a great place to go for a quick and easy meal with friends or family.

Here are some of the things that make Wagamama unique:

  • Fresh, healthy ingredients
  • Made-to-order food
  • Casual and relaxed atmosphere
  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • Wide variety of dishes to choose from
  • Affordable prices

If you are looking for a delicious, healthy, and affordable meal, Wagamama is a great option. With its fresh ingredients, made-to-order food, and casual atmosphere, Wagamama is sure to please everyone.